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The course is an excellent introduction to the basics of effective strength training for someone who wants to move beyond the elastic band exercises and build real strength in their clients. -Lora G (PhD Kinesiology)

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This was a great course! I am a physiotherapist. I am also a martial artist, a dancer, and a general fitness enthusiast. The material in this course is a perfect marriage of the worlds of rehab and fitness. I left the course with immediate useable information and techniques for clinical work as well as in my personal life. The course also provides the rationale and evidence behind everything taught. Scotty is an amazing instructor and kept it fun and interesting, yet very informative the whole time. -Tuan H, PT


I strongly feel that Scotty’s practical strategies for implementing strength and conditioning principles in a rehabilitation setting are going to help me improve my outcomes with patients. If you want to move past the yellow theraband and help your patients towards meaningful gains in strength, this course is for you. -Michael P (PT)